MySuki for Sari-sari Stores

60,000 Sari-sari stores served.

By ordering through MySuki, Sari-sari stores get access to stocks, exclusive promotions, and financing - without having to leave their stores.

We empower SSS to be part of the online revolution.

Sari Sari Stores play a special part in the PH retail ecosystem - they bridge local communities to their daily needs. MySuki empowers SSS to join the online revolution by giving them an easy-to-use app to replenish their stocks.

We provide SSS access to additional capital.

MySuki provides ground-breaking Buy-Now-Pay-Later support for SSS to have additional capital. A lot of SSS owners are still unbanked or resort to high-interest-loans. MySuki breaks this pattern by providing SSS access to new capital.

We help SSS keep their stores open.

SSS owners regularly close down their stores to visit groceries and replenish their stocks - this is lost sale for them. With MySuki, they can replenish without having to leave their stores.