MySuki for Brands

A new way of seeing things.

Retail is dynamic, and online retail even more so. Brands cannot rely on outdated data or information that comes weeks after a campaign. MySuki provides real-time e-commerce visibility to Brands - so they can adjust and improve on the fly.

We link brands and grocers in new, meaningful ways.

MySuki platform allows brands and grocers to closely collaborate. Brands and Grocers both have real-time visibility to how their products and campaigns are running - so that they can work hand-in-hand to be successful online.

We allow brands to experiment across the country.

As the only e-commerce enabler present across the country, MySuki allows brands to quickly read market response to their online campaigns. Campaign results are gathered in real-time to allow fast iteration and experiments.

We give brands the ability to understand shoppers.

MySuki is the only platform that gives brands the ability to segment, analyze, and understand SSS Online shoppers directly - all while protecting shopper privacy and grocer market position. Campaigns can be targeted and personalized because brands can see retail data previously inaccessible to them.

Trusted by retail grocers all across the country

MySuki has the widest coverage across the country to help brands read the market

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